Surat River Fish Digitizer

The Surat River Fish Digitizer is a project combining an interactive, real time, river fish simulation and a colouring station kiosk where users can physically colour in 1 of 4 fish on a piece of paper and then scan their creation to update the simulation with their fish in real time. This project is on […]

The Living Reef

Back in 2019 I worked on a project called The Living Reef. As part of a small team (2 programmers, 1 artist, 1 animator, 1 tech artist, 1 designer, 1 producer)  we were tasked with replacing the existing reef interactive that had been displayed on The Cube with a reef-freshed version. The Cube is a […]

Interactive water simulation in Unity

Around 2018 I came across a blog post by the game studio Campo Santo for an upcoming game called In The Valley of The gods.  The post showcased some amazing water tech that they were developing. It looked awesome. This inspired me to try and create my own water tech and so I began my […]